Gives you access to reliable and quality data throughout North Africa.

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AskAz is specialized in data collection in North Africa.

We cover Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia but also other African countries through our partners.

With reliable and secure data we help companies to make the best decisions, to have the best visibility of their markets and to better understand their consumers.

We support our clients throughout their development and in enhancing their outcomes.

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Our services

Market research

AskAz allows you to connect with your target audience and collect the data you need in real time. Using a large number of attributes and digital technologies we can target very specific categories of populations and hard-to-reach audiences.

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Our services

Measuring the impact of your advertising campaigns

We partner with Media agencies and help them to measure the impact and optimize theur advertising campaign performance

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Our services

Product testing

Test your products that are already on the market or your new products before launch.
We take care of all the logistics and we implement all the necessary material and human resources.

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Data collection methods

Le recrutement online (CAWI)

Online Recruitment (CAWI)

Panelists receive surveys by email and respond to them via computer, tablet or mobile.

Recrutement par téléphone (CATI)

Recruitment by phone (CATI)

For some targets, we recommend recruiting
by phone.

Recrutement en face à face (CAPI)

Face-to-face recruitment (CAPI)

We also conduct face-to-face recruitment through our field teams.


Industries covered

We collect data for all types of companies in all sectors.
Retail, energies, political institutions, higher education and research...

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